Floor Plans

There are about 10 different floor plans between the two buildings and, although there are slight differences in the apartment designs, most of the apartments are approximately 560 square feet. All apartments are one bedroom, with a living room, kitchen, and bath. We have included below diagrams of typical apartments. These should be helpful in providing a general idea of the sizes and shapes of the apartments.

We do not have sample units, and can only arrange to show you an apartment when your name is at the top of the waiting list, meaning at the time that we actually have an apartment to offer you. Unfortunately, due to the high demand and the small number of vacancies per year, we cannot accommodate requests for lower floors, balconies, exposure etc. The next vacant apartment is offered to the next eligible person on the waiting list.

If you choose to refuse the apartment offered, your name will be placed at the bottom of the list of applicants already interviewed. You will then be offered a second choice when your name comes to the top of that list again. If you refuse the second choice, your name will be removed from our waiting list and you would have to reapply with a new application.